La Purée

by Lazy Sin

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Long and windy has been the road to reach our destination and give birth to this record.

Let us give you a small insight of how it unraveled.

In 2016, we' ve somehow ended up working with a certain man. Slowly but surely, through different ways of communication, Lazy Sin finally met with the person who would in the close future embrace and understand the sound. Where are they heading and how can Lazy Sin's music be produced to respect the different needs and expectations inherent to the band. Someone who is crazy enough to let loose, but who's ear is awaken and precise, fetching and grasping the key elements that would later on galvanize the music. This man, Greg (member of a great belgian band, Ghinzu), truthfully managed to transpose our energy and souls into La Purée, making it as delicious as it could be. Mixing Hard riffs with long melodic vibes, smooth groovy bass

transported by strong and dynamic drum beats. Somehow soft, but somehow stout as well.

From the outside, all of this process might seem a bit too shiny and easy, but like

previously said, it was a long and dusty road.

Prior to the recording, we had gathered no more than a couple of times before actually heading to the studio. It was located in Brussels, where Ghinzu themselves happened to record. Our music was not at all fully prepared, rehearsed. We knew what we would eventually play and of course structures were more or less established, leaving a great deal of unknown. Even some of the songs and lyrics were created and written

during this episode at the studio. 

Needless to say, this approach has stretched and vacuumed time . Waiting and hanging out infinite hours with no place to properly chill, always looking for ways to entertain ourselves while some are working on their instruments. From improvised barbecues to long and "deep" conversations into the night, to endless quests of finding the right sound, the right notes, instruments, bridges, vocals... anything that might enhance the song through sharing and caring for all ideas. Never have we ceased to pour our guts and intentions into this project, for it was the arm extension of our brains and musical desires.

Once again, if we go back before the recording, just a small tiny week, our singer had an accident resulting in his both hands being completely useless for two months...At first, it was questioned to cancel,

but no, not that far down the road. 

Serendipity, as we may call it. 

This enabled him to focus more on the singing and for the guitarists to fulfill the gap of his guitars, offering a completely new touch to the songs. These are just a few examples of what occurred during that productive time.

Great memories of intense moments. It is something we miss, but that we will reiterate.

Oddly enough, this resulted in a two-year break for the band. Some had side projects, others wanted to take time. Nevertheless, we managed to gather again and finally produce La Purée. Nothing can always be thoroughly thought out and planned, but if we take a step back, there is probably a sense in all of this. 

When we will release La Purée in 2019, please feel free to witness a condensed sample of what we are pleased to offer. May it touch you or not, this is a good replica of our state of mind.

Bon appétit!


released February 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Lazy Sin Belgium

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